What’s a Vocalise? A vocalise is a short figure that narrows a singer’s focus to one challenging task. The figure is transposed through a sequential series of keys, in order to reveal the effect of changing registration on that task. Understanding and skill can then be confidently transferred to longer, more complex pieces. When a singer commits to a daily ritual consisting of a selection of these figures, they build familiarity with the reliable sound and action of their instrument

Every teacher establishes their own pedagogy using ‘vocalises,’ a set of etudes for student singers. The links below feature identical figures, but with piano tracks in the keys for each vocal range. I’m happy to share, but would love to hear from you first. Please contact me for access.

More silent shapes! Hear the implied 10th (notated as an x note-head), and lean appropriately fast air—but the note should be ‘ghosted’ rather than phonated. The third iteration is then sung throughout, with shape gesture to match the speedy air. Try other vowels.