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Younger students are welcome in my studio, though I cannot emphasize strongly enough how very important keyboard skills are for your future success. If you are younger than 13, your physical instrument has not yet developed to a point at which classical training will be very fruitful—but this is the perfect time to invest in piano lessons! Building musicianship skills is an ongoing responsibility for every serious student.

If you are over 13, let’s get singing! I teach a classical technique, which will benefit singers in all genres. I am happy to include works from the musical theater repertory in our lesson strategy for which a crossover vocal technique is appropriate, but the music we work on will be primarily in a classical style. There are thousands of amazing songs waiting for you! We’ll work together to be sure you find pieces that speak to your heart while they strengthen your vocal skills. I can recommend song anthologies for you to purchase that will offer plenty of variety, while still keeping an eye on your budget.

Audition Preparation

“They always ask for Mozart.” “There were five ‘Voi che sapetes’ before mine.” How do you make the best choices as you prepare for college entrance auditions and Young Artist Programs? I’ve heard so many auditions at the music schools where I teach, and I often find myself wishing I could have spent some time helping a nervous singer polish those technical points that would allow their talent to really shine, and set them apart from the competition. Let’s work together now to highlight your strong suits, and point out the technical upgrades and dramatic choices that will really catch your audience’s attention.

Professional Coaching and Advanced Vocal Technique

What are the odds of making it as a professional singer? Let’s be honest: a lot of sweat, tears and courage is required; and the singer who’s ready for anything is the singer who will make it. I’ve been fortunate to have a performing career that spans a variety of genres, from traditional operatic repertoire to chamber music to oratorio to recital work; from Renaissance ensembles to the thorniest serial compositions, to those wonderful modern hybrids of theater and concert stage that annihilate the false segregation of art from our “real lives.”

I can offer you coaching to facilitate any stage of your preparation process. Why turn down that offer just because you’re not sure how to go about learning the wild wanderings of contemporary music? Do you wish you felt more confident with your French diction before the first rehearsal? Why settle for simply dusting off your senior recital when that rare opportunity to offer solo Art Song repertoire rolls around? Accept the challenge of assembling the many puzzle pieces that make up a career in music— I can help.


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Julia has been the most wonderful gift as a teacher. With an insightful and energetic approach to teaching voice technique, she has helped our son develop his musical identity by inspiring and guiding him within and beyond the lessons.

— Gabriel Smith & Emily Chang

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