Collegiate Teaching Experience

Beginning as an Adjunct Instructor of Voice at Northern Illinois University, Julia Bentley has consistently added credentials to her teaching resume over 15 years, including faculty positions at Concordia University, North Park University, the Music Institute of Chicago, and the DePaul University School of Music. In addition to bringing her active performing career to these venues through annual recitals, solo appearances with university orchestras and new music ensembles, she serves as a conduit to professional performing opportunities for her students.

Courses taught include French Diction (undergraduate level; texts include Moriarty and self-designed materials; building syllabus and assessment tools), Art Song Survey (graduate level; texts include Kimball and self-assembled readings; building syllabus, assessment tools, grading rubric, and extensive online classrooms in both Blackboard and Moodle platforms); Mixed Chamber Ensembles (graduate level credit; repertoire selection, leading rehearsals for various ensembles and solo voice including Bach arias, Crumb Madrigals, Fauré La Bonne Chanson, Schoenberg String Quartet #2, Pierrot Lunaire, numerous other works by Berio, Cage, Debussy, Poulenc, Britten, Bancks, Larsen, et al.), Composer Focus (upper class and graduate level; design, programming, coaching and marketing of interdisciplinary seminar in advanced repertoire) and assignment and supervision of graduate Comprehensive Exams in repertoire, history and pedagogy.

Fluency in German as well as a high level of piano proficiency insure her readiness for additional assignments in diction and repertoire coaching. She has an active interest in vocal pedagogy, both its historic sources and current technology, and uses Voce Vista software as an in-studio teaching aid. She is a member of NATS, and has great respect for the insights and training of her colleagues, supported by visiting national and regional conferences as well as traveling to observe master teachers. Taking full advantage of the academic setting, she has given master classes not only for voice students, but also composition, piano and string students, and is eager to foster collaboration across department areas, and a spirit of creative entrepreneurship in all young professionals.

Teaching philosophy

Guest Residency: Composer Focus

Initiated in 2008, Composer Focus has become a highlight of the vocal area at the DePaul School of Music in Chicago. It is designed to afford music students an in-depth exposure to the works of one composer, a luxury in the whirl of repertoire covered in the conservatory curriculum. Composer Focus has proven to be a resounding success, achieving its purpose of modeling a deeper exploration of the variety within an individual composer’s catalogue, and boosting the confidence of student musicians who have realized first-hand that music that poses sizable challenges will also yield a sizable reward.

Luciano Berio: Sequenza III, arranged for four singers (Margaret Stoltz, Danielle Horta, Shelly Shi-Ann Gorr, Corey Fretz). Composer Focus concert, DePaul Concert Hall (2011)

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