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I am very happy to announce the release of this recording of 46 very early songs by Alban Berg. They were composed between 1901 and 1908, beginning when Berg was 16 and continuing into the beginning of his tutelage with Arnold Schoenberg. First published by Universal Edition in 1987, a small number have been recorded by diligent advocates of art song (including Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau), but this is a premiere recording of the majority of these lovely songs, which hover near to the musical vocabulary of Brahms and Wolf. As a collection, they are powerfully evocative, not only of a richly colorful period in Vienna’s history, when cumulative romantic tradition began to overflow into the uncharted territory of the 20th century; but also of a very personal prologue to Berg’s career, pre-dating the public, professional artist we revere. The unalloyed emotions of a teenage musician ring in every sonority and gesture. Though we easily recognize the foreshadowing of his mature voice, we are immediately surrounded by ephemeral youth in the moment we experience these songs.

My boundless thanks to Elizabeth Buccheri, Bill Maylone, Christopher Hailey and his associates at Universal Edition, Victor Sachse at Centaur Records, Greg Redenius and the Logan Center for the Arts, and my collaborative partner Kuang-Hao Huang.

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